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The Night of the Senses’

Food For Thought

Sculpted and edited by Thea Euryphaessa

This one-stop guide provides information, advice and etiquette guidelines so everyone feels safe, respected, and relaxed. We strongly recommend you read this entire document so you know what to expect ahead of the night.

Disclaimer: Juicy Productions and our advisers do not advocate the breaking of the law. The material herein is presented as information which should be available to the public and is for educational purposes. Juicy Productions and the compilers of this document cannot be held liable for people who carry out any of the activities reported on or in this publication.


We’re here to help you arrive fully prepared for a decadent night aimed at all the senses. Though we don’t wish to bludgeon you with rules, we do wish to protect the health, safety, and experience of our guests so everyone can relax, and feel playful, sexy, and receptive to the atmosphere of radical and diverse sexual expression. This one-stop guide aims to inspire such confidence.

Our Ball is female-friendly, single-person friendly and shy-person friendly. This is why we believe the event works best when women, lone attendees, and shy guests feel safe and brave enough to ask for a bit of whatever they fancy. Experiment, be curious—try it… you never know, you might like it. Figure out what you want and be crystal clear with your ‘yes’ and ‘no’ and make sure your playmate/s are, too. Mutual, conscious consent is the name of the game. No ambiguity here, thank you. And in case you need reminding, always play safe.

The Night of the Senses is all about community of which you are a part—we welcome you and wish you all the very best for a memorable, juicy, and life-enhancing time.

Who we are

The Night of the Senses is run by Juicy Productions who create sexy and soulful aesthetically arresting spaces for guests to enjoy themselves and others, while also raising funds for the sex and disability charity, Outsiders. The event is largely run by volunteers who contribute valuable time and energy to raise funds for Outsiders.


Outsiders was founded in 1979, as a club for disabled people to live life to the full, and find sexual partners. Outsiders also runs the Sex and Disability Helpline, and SHADA, the Sex and Disability Alliance.

Dressing Up

Dressing up is compulsory. Those not in costume will not be permitted entry (and we don’t intend to debate this with you on the door). Our theme, this year, is The Zoo. We want everyone to play and have fun, and our strict dress code ensures everyone becomes the spectacle. A team of stewards and hosts will ensure all behaviour is respectful as well as playful.  

Be imaginative—are you an animal of the land, sea, or air? Think feathers, fur, scales, wings, masks, tails, spots, stripes, whiskers, ears, paws, talons, camouflage. Are you a zoological experiment, created in captivity? A liger perhaps, or a zebroid; a wolphin, a grolar bear or a cama? Are you a zookeeper, in your uniform donning whips, looking to tame the wild ones?

As a starter for inspiration, our friends at TellTails are offering 20% discount on their tail prices. Order by email stating you're A Night at The Zoo guest and quote your booking reference to receive your discount: ‘Get Your Waggle On.’

Anyone who has not made an effort will be directed to our dressing-up area and asked to make a small donation.

Disabled Guests

This event prides itself on being fully inclusive and disability friendly.


Rock up alone, with your lover/s, or a group of friends. Events don’t get much more welcoming and all-embracing than this.

Having said that, Night of the Senses isn’t for everyone. Show your friends the flyer and let them decide for themselves. Just don’t bring someone who has no idea what the event is about.

Coming with a lover/s can either be a fantastic experience or it could go cry-in-your-beer-all-night-long wrong. What makes the difference? COMMUNICATION (which, we believe, is the best lube). Before the event be honest and upfront and discuss with your lover/s your concerns, your insecurities, your fears, your fantasies, your deepest carnal desires (when we say this event spans the entire spectrum of radical sexual-expression, we mean it—it’s all there for the taking). Be clear on your boundaries and honour what feels right to you, moment to moment. If something doesn’t vibe, say so.  Just don't be pushy and expect your partner/s to do the same things you want to do all the time. You’re an individual, too—remember that.

On the night be open to renegotiation as you find new ways to relate to others. Not that we’re preaching, but lying and/or breaking agreements will have consequences which may spoil your night and/or your relationship/s, so don’t lose your head as your heart may later regret it.

The Setting

The venue is like a bazaar and a live, interactive theatre all in one. Maps will be pinned on the walls in prominent places. If you come with another/s, use the map to help you decide on a place and time to meet up should you wish to go your separate ways and play. Stewards and hosts/hostesses will be carrying maps and wearing watches if you come without one.


There is a zero tolerance policy on photography and filming. Mobile phones are not permitted. If anyone is caught taking photographs and/or filming they will be escorted off the premises immediately and will not be permitted re-entry. There will be officially designated, clearly marked photographers who will be shooting the show. There will also be two different photo booths. If you’d like your photo taking during the event, please go into one of the booths. If you see anyone sneaking snaps, please report them to a steward.

What should I bring?

Some cash (for food and drinks), condoms, an open mind, nothing valuable. There’s a secure cloakroom where you can leave the rest of your belongings (which you will not be permitted to bring into the event). Please do not leave valuables in the cloakroom as Juicy Productions and the venue will not be held liable and/or responsible for any loss or damage.   

Lost Property and First Aid

If you lose items during the night please notify our hosts at the hospitality desk. Afterwards, do contact us, as we try to return all lost property. The hostesses at the Hospitality Desk look after found items and can advise you where First Aid is kept. The venue has a number of qualified first aiders.

My fear is I will be expected to do things

We take our guest’s safety and comfort extremely seriously. If you feel intimidated by and/or uncomfortable with anyone’s behaviour, report them to a steward immediately. Having said that, this event provides an incredible opportunity to play and explore, so do give yourself permission to widen your sexual horizons a little. You’re free to do whatever you choose (or not) so take responsibility for your own pleasure. Just remember, if your gut says ‘no,’ then it’s a no. If it’s a ‘maybe,’ give yourself time to feel your way into it so you can think it over. If it’s a ‘yes,’ then go for it. Do what you like and like what you do. But don’t go pushing no boundaries. Capiche?

Will I have sex?

Who can say? After all, there’s nothing to stop you having sex in an airplane loo at 30,000 feet or in your office cubicle while on your lunch break. Although the sexual energy at this event is a-whirling and a-swirling, it’s mainly erotic play, exhibitionism, voyeurism and experimentalism. If you’re looking for a brothel-like situation, however, this is not it.

Getting Into the Ethos of the Night

Don’t assume. Never touch without asking. Always ask permission. Be respectful. Take care of/look out for one another. Don’t get upset if someone says no to you (there’ll be plenty more fish in the sea, trust us on that). Give people space. Be admiring and appreciative. When in doubt, ask a steward.  

Notes for Disabled Guests

If you need to bring a PA to help you eating, drinking and using the loo, please ask to bring one free of charge. Our volunteers cannot help you with these activities. If you have specific requirements, let us know in advance by e-mail or phone or else stop off at the Hospitality Desk to alert the hosts/hostesses and stewards to your needs. Disability Assistants have been trained to help disabled guests but we prefer to be informed in advance so we can be prepared. If you ever experience any difficulties with other guests, staff or security, please indicate this assertively to the stewards, who have been trained to deal with attitude problems. We try to cater for people with sensory impairments, but it can be difficult to accommodate all needs in all formats unless we have prior requests. We feel strongly that disabled guests should have all the support we can offer to ensure you are not left out. Please let the stewards or door staff know if you are experiencing difficulties of any kind.


At the Night of the Senses we welcome disabled people who are encouraged to enjoy erotic adventures alongside the other guests without stigma. This includes people who are visually impaired, wheelchair users, people who may get too tired to stand for long periods and people who find socialising difficult. Here are some guidelines for people who are not accustomed to mixing with people who have disabilities:

  • Treat people with disabilities like everybody else.

  • Engaging in conversations without asking probing questions.

  • Respect the space above the wheelchair user’s head; and that wheelchair users do not like being trapped in a crush of people; or have their view of the stage blocked.

  • Don’t make assumptions: some people with cerebral palsy may be wobbly, not drunk. If unsure about how to cope with their impairment, ask.

  • If a disabled person looks stuck, ask before trying to help.

Rooms, Sideshows, and Services

At this event we’ve got it all going on: shows, demonstrations, live performances, the works. We’ll be serving up more delicious experiences than you’ve had hot dinners. So feast, enjoy! And if you’re unclear as to whether or not you can join in, just ask.

Fetishes: Fly Your Freak Flag!

Everyone should feel free to indulge in whatever fetish they have, so long as it doesn’t involve non-consensual sex. In the past, we’ve had a balloon-popping room, a space for adult babies, cowl neck jumpers and other ordinary fetishes, and foot-kissing stalls and dancers who trample on top of trampling fetishists. If you’d like to set out your stall and would like a corner, write/e-mail in advance so arrangements can be made.

But, to be clear, your ‘normal’ might look like weird shit to another so do respect everyone’s choices no matter how strange their fetish and/or perversion may seem to you. Live and let live.    


If you don’t want anyone to watch, don’t do it. If you do, do (for the simple reason that humans are nosy buggers). There will be more secluded areas, by the way.

And remember, players need their space, so keep your distance (and that means verbally, too—no getting in people’s face or cramping their style).

What to do if someone intrudes on you

If someone’s pushy, intrudes on your space, is threatening or abusive, or tries to sell you drugs, tell a steward immediately.


No means ‘NO.’

BDSM and the Dungeon

In its most basic form BDSM (Bondage & Discipline/ Dominance and Submission/Sado-Masochism) is all about the erotic and sexual acts and mind-sets of dominating and relinquishing control. BDSM requires the mutual consent of all participants and a safe word and sign.

Most of the BDSM action will take place in the Dungeon which will have a Dungeon Master (DM) who will happily explain the practices. Listen to them and learn from their advice as they’re there to make sure everyone has a spanking good time. If you’re a newbie or a veteran, introduce yourself to the DMs who will advise and help ensure your safety. There’ll also be Shibari/Kinbaku (Japanese bondage using ropes) demonstrations, should you wish to indulge your wildest tie-me-up, tie-me-down fantasies.

If, however, you see any form of behaviour on the night that particularly alarms and/or concerns you, speak to a steward first.

Alcohol and Drugs

As this will be a highly-charged space, go easy on the alcohol. Having said that, a moderate amount can help loosen the grip of the odd inhibition here and there at certain times—the operative word here being ‘moderate’ (aka don’t get smashed).

To be clear, we neither advocate, nor advise you to eschew  the use of drugs. What we will say is it takes mere minutes to get over-stimulated at Night of the Senses (and that’s in a naturally induced state of mind). Just make sure whoever you’re playing with is willing and of sound mind. If it all gets too much, take a timeout in the Tea and Empathy tent. Stay hydrated and stay moist (in all the right ways).  

What if you feel ill?

Go home.

(If you came with another/s, let them know first or leave a note at the Hospitality Desk.)