The finals of the Erotic Awards will be held at Night at the Zoo May 17th for more info click here

Categories we aim for ;


·      ARTIST

·      BLOG


·      CLUB / EVENT

·      FASHION

·      FILM









·      WEBSITE

·      WRITER


• Nominations should be available or have been seen in the UK (including online)

• Nominees are judged on their recent work -  material completed, objects, art, books and films need to have been produced in the previous in the last year.

• Nominees cannot win twice in the same category but they can win in another category

• Judges need to declare any friendships with nominees/finalists when voting

We accepted all nominations if they arrive with reasons for nominating each person / film / book, etc and how to reach them, e.g. email address. 

There is no need to send lots of nominations for the same person. All nominations are treated equally, seriously and in confidence. 

We work under a policy of inclusivity, appreciating nominations for people of all races, things from all parts of the UK, and the world, and we are especially interested in including disabled people and work done by disabled artists.