The 2012 Showcase and Semi-Finals took place at Electrowerkz on Wednesday 14th March. The show was our best for years: world class but remaining brilliantly British. Opening with a maypole dance around a beautiful naked man as theTable Vivante it ended with contortionist She Loves Matt Damon, whose clothes fell off as her legs came over her back to reach her mouth. The performers were sexy, original and suitably outrageous. Ville Kinos, our pole dancer, defied gravity as he held himself at right angles to the pole, making  girls gasp.

The central section of the show featured 2012 nominees from other categories, with finalists including Empress Stah, Madam Becky Adams and Ben Dover.

Guests were beautifully cared for, with many side attractions to entertain them: Two-Way-Mirror performances by Solitaire, Amelia Kalvan, Rubyyy Jones and Katie Sarra; the Peep Show; the Hug Cupboard with Didi and, for the first time ever, Holly Revell's Renaissance Photo Chamber, where guests could pose sexily for a “Old Master” print.

If you are disabled and present yourself as a confident sexual being, people don’t know what to do. They find it intimidating. By performing, I hope I can be a powerful tool in getting people to think about things differently.
— Amelia Carvallo, Performance Artist of the Year 2010
Incredible night. You must be so proud, it was a real delight to be there, so thank you for letting me perform for you all!
— Anna Drury
Still lovin’ my trophy . . . we rub its scrotum for good luck.
— Madeline Moore, Story-Teller of the Year 2011

Tuppy Owens and Mat Fraser present an award to Empress Stah

The climax of the year — rewards academics, artists, authors, performers, and photographers — with Golden Flying Penis trophies — for their contribution to all aspects of sex culture.
— London Metro May 16th 2011
The Awards give a needed platform for many original artists, performers and important campaigners which otherwise wouldn’t find a voice.
— The Independent May 3rd 2010
Having sifted through 14 award categories, from sex worker to innovation, I have certainly been enlightened by original art forms and pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm for a profession that most associate with desperation and abuse.
— Helen Croydon in the Metro 26th April 2010
Thanks for a fabulous night on Friday - I really enjoyed myself and am proud to be associated with Outsiders and all that it does. I love my award too - it has pride of place next to the TV in our living room!
— Victoria McKenzie