Our judges at Great Sexpectations

Mikey Argy

Mikey became a winner in last year's Erotic Awards and has since accepted our invitation join the judges and also become Outsiders' Spokesperson. Mikey became famous for her campaigning for financial compensation to be paid to people affected by Thalidomide and is becoming a delightful force in our team. 



Edie has been stripping for over a decade, both in London and San Francisco. In London she has worked at various places, but mainly the traditional pubs, as the focus is more on performance. She has also done Burlesque and has always been in bands, singing and playing guitar. In 2010 she became involved in the campaign to save the strip pubs from the draconian 'nil policy' legislation. She has spoken against this censorship at debates and meetings, with MPs and Councillors. Edie was nominated in the campaigner category at the Erotic Awards 2012. She also performed in the striptease competition, winning a fabulous golden flying penis! She is an occasional writer for the blog http://moronwatch.net/

Rubyyy Jones

Performer, writer and muse, specializing in love lust and light. In performance, Rubyyy works in theatre, burlesque, voice over and film; a graduate of Sheridan College’s prestigious Music Theatre-Performance program Rubyyy performed in theatre across Canada before moving to London to discover the sexier side of life. Rubyyy writes a blog, using her life and adventures as inspiration. 


Blog here

On Twitter @rubyyyjones


Multi-talented performance and visual artist who visits art galleries in the same spirit as other people go to church. She has worked with the stars: Matthew Barney, Ron Athey, Revisions of Excess and at The Box. As well as being a writer, life model, pop star and film maker, Mouse puts on the most extraordinary cabaret act in the world. 


Ashley Savage

A photographer whose portfolio has been described as “a celebration of otherness” by virtue of its exploration of issues such as gender, sexuality, disability, body modification and contemporary fetishism. Ashley has photographed our events since 1998 and is now in his third year as a judge. As a trained counsellor, he is especially interested in the therapeutic use of photography and is currently focusing on several projects: one, entitled, “Bodies of Difference” aimed at challenging perceptions of disability and sexuality, whilst another project, “Cancer Sucks” documents performance artist, Tutu, and her fight to overcome breast cancer. 


A photographer, film maker and the Director of Juicy Productions whose work promotes a positive approach to sexuality, and encourages sensuality and open mindedness. A student of Tantra, her personal journey has included a wide spectrum of experiences, which she is delighted to be able to share with others. Grace first met Tuppy in 2011 whilst developing a documentary about sex and disability, and has been an enthusiastic promoter of Night of The Senses and Outsiders ever since.

Lianne Coop

An award winning entertainment and events producer, who has primarily worked for the BBC for the last nine years. After meeting Grace and attending Night of The Senses, they began to collaborate on ideas and hatch plans to host their own saucy parties and bring a bit of juiciness to London. Lianne has successfully produced large-scale nationwide events, and is looking forward to implementing this production experience with these new ventures.